Cancel Policy

Order cancellation by LEATHERWALA: LEATHERWALA reserves the right to cancel any order without specifying any reason. One of the main reasons for cancelling the order may be the unavailability of stocks. Please check the stock availability and the delivery period before placing the order. In case of order cancellation by LEATHERWALA, the customer will receive full refund of the amount within 5 to 7 working days.

Customer can cancel the product if the product is not up to mark.

You are allowed to cancel an order only if the product has not been shipped yet. if you cancel your order at this stage, the entire amount of your order will be refunded. In case your order has been shipped out, but you have still noy recived it, you may cancel the order, and your refund process will start once Leatherwala recives the order back through courier, Unfortunately, you may not cancelyour order once it has been delivered at your doorstep.

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